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Edibles 101

intro to edibles

By Shaun Stewart

There are several different ways to use cannabis for your medical needs. Cannabis-infused food more commonly known as edibles contain CBD or THC, these offer an alternative way to take your medication. There's a large variety available such as gummies, suckers/hard candies, brownies, cookies, and drinks. Some people have remarked that it tastes of the cannabis bud, others hardly notice. Although no one has died from an overdose of cannabis, that does not mean eat all your edibles in one sitting.

When eating edibles it is important to be patient, the medicine can take a while to circulate into the bloodstream. Most people start feeling the benefits anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours after eating. When taking a liquid edible the effects could come on faster because liquids are absorbed quicker. Edibles are filtered through the liver which causes the medicinal benefits of the cannabis to last longer than that of traditional methods of consumption. Because of our chemical makeup and metabolism, cannabis will react differently with each person.

When you go to a dispensary you can talk with your budtender about what kind of cannabis-infused edibles they may have to help you with your medical needs. Edibles most commonly come in doses measuring in milligrams(mg). It is always a good idea to start with a low dose just to see how your body responds. Although some people do not feel the effects of the edible their first time. (not very common) Individual results may vary. In short, edibles are a way for people to make taking their medicine a more enjoyable experience, and possible for people who can’t use other methods.