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Medical rights protest prompts response from Missouri Police Chiefs Association

Here's a little follow-up information on the protest in Rolla, Mo Oct 24, from the Missouri Police Chiefs Association. This is a transitional time not just for patients but for law enforcement as well. Let's all work together as we learn what these new laws mean. This letter that you are about to read has been sent out all Missouri Police Chiefs. In case you haven’t seen it yet, at the bottom of this article is a link to our coverage of the Rolla protest that the Missouri Police Chiefs Association’s email is referencing.

(Missouri Police Chiefs, I’m writing this letter in order to inform everyone of a situation that occurred in my jurisdiction (Rolla) in the hopes that it will help all of you to avoid any problems. We recently had a very vocal protest in from of the Rolla City Hall by a former City Councilman and several other people, due to what they claimed was violating the rights of people who currently possess medical marijuana cards. Basically what had occurred was Rolla received a report of someone smoking marijuana in the parking lot of an apartment building. When officer arrived they contacted a suspect who admitted to smoking marijuana outside of their apartment, stating they smoke outside because their roommate does not want them smoking inside. The suspect then advised that they possess a current medical marijuana card and were allowed to possess and use marijuana. The officer mistakenly advised this person that they were not yet allowed to possess marijuana as there were not yet any Missouri distribution licenses issued by the state. They then asked this suspect if they had any more marijuana and to see their medical marijuana card. The suspect state they did have a little more marijuana (4 grams) and the marijuana and their medical card were in the apartment. The suspect then invited the officers into the apartment where they handed the officers their marijuana. After searching the apartment, the suspect was unable to produce a medical marijuana card. Because of this, the marijuana was seized, placed into evidence and a report was written and sent to the Phelps County Prosecutors Office. Because the suspect was unable to produce a medical marijuana card, the officers actually did nothing wrong. They were however mistaken in telling the suspect that possess of marijuana was not yet allowed. I was able to reach the “Chief” of Missouri Health and Senior Services. He advised me currently, persons who have a valid Medical Marijuana Card are legally allowed to possess up to eight ounces of marijuana. Officers should not ask where the marijuana was obtained or request to see a receipt for the purchase of the marijuana. The marijuana does not have to be in a sealed package and can be in the person’s house, vehicle, or on their person. What is required is that the person produce a valid medical marijuana card, either by hard copy, or a photo of the card on their cell phone or computer. If they do not produce this medical marijuana card, they are unlawfully in possession. I hope this helps to avoid and future problems. Chief Sean Fagan President, MOPCA)

CompanionMag would Like to remind all patients to stay abreast of the laws pertaining to medical cannabis.

Video Link..Patients Rights Peaceful Protest - Ended with an attack from the town mayor

Video Link..Patients Rights Peaceful Protest - Ended with an attack from the town mayor