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Methods Of Medicating

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Pack your bags we’re going on an adventure into the world of medicating with cannabis.

Some of the most common ways to medicate are smoking cannabis flower or concentrates.

Smoking cannabis flower is probably the most common way to consume cannabis. Smoking either concentrates or flower is also one of the fastest ways to get the benefits of cannabis. Most people find vaping wax (concentrate) to be one of the best ways to consume the medicine. This is usually because it takes less wax to achieve the same benefits as a larger amount of flower.

A couple other popular methods of consuming cannabis are edibles and thc\cbd pills. These methods usually take longer for the benefits to take effect, but they also usually last longer. Eating or taking cannabis pills can be used by people who can't smoke for whatever reason. All of these methods will work, however, everyone is different so a trial is important to find out which method works best for you.

Flower or buds have various strain types, here we see two Indica dominant strains. These strains cause the “couch lock” feeling where Sativa strains give a more “awake or up” feeling.

This is wax, a form of concentrate that also has various strengths and types. Glue, honey and crumble are some of the most common types of wax. This can be messy, so there are tools to make it easier. It also requires a dab rig of some kind, ie. a wax pen or vapor straw, to smoke.

Here we see concentrate cartridges for vape pens or mods these have a wide variety of flavors and dosages. Cartridges come in different sizes, so take time to figure out what you need for you and your mod or pen. This can also be a very discreet way for consuming cannabis Secret Agent style.

Grinders are for breaking down the flower for smoking. Doing this helps it burn better and last longer. It also helps by making the rolling process go a little bit quicker as well as keeping your hands from getting sticky.

This is a metal pipe, they have been around for decades, I'm sure you've seen your grandpa use them. It's very effective but often leaves an undesirable taste. They can clean easy, but often get gummed up from the resin.

One of the most common ways of smoking cannabis, the glass pipe. Probably the best way to get the full taste of the flower. The only problem is you don't want to drop it on the hard floor, not all glass pipes are made equal and some are stronger than others.

On the left we have a local Artisan spoon style pipe with the carb. The carb (little hole on the side) allows extra airflow. On the right we have a Chillum pipe, it's basically a one-hitter ( small enough to hold a little bit of flower in). The downside to the glass pipes is that they can often be hard to clean.

This is an old and trusty dugout (bat or one-hitter). If you didn't see your grandpa with the old metal pipe then you probably have seen him with one of these. This allows you a way to store flower and your bat conveniently for travel. It’s very easy to clean the bat, most of the time you just need to run a pipe cleaner through it.

Then there’s the legendary bong, a pipe containing water for filtration of incoming smoke. Often described as the best way to smoke cannabis flower. There are many different types of bongs, this one is a beaker style with an ice catch and a percolator in the bottom. The ice catch allows a way to cool the smoke, and the percolator makes the smoke smoother. Bongs can often be a lot easier to clean because there is a cleaning solution available for them, as well as caps to cover the holes. All this makes bongs one of the most legendary ways to smoke cannabis. So come along and take a hit from a bong.

This is a vapor straw for smoking cannabis concentrates. It works by heating the metal or glass end with a torch and gently touching it to the concentrates. Be careful when doing this because you could easily get a way larger puff of smoke than you intended. If you have old crusty lungs this might not be the best method for you. You might find yourself enjoying concentrate cartridges, they're a little bit easier on sensitive lungs.

There are many ways to medicate with cannabis, even more so than what we have presented to you in this article. Things like blunts, joints, and different types of extracts like the above-mentioned THC pills. We'll be touching down on some of these products in a future article. For the time being, we hope that this helps you understand some of the ways to medicate with Cannabis. If this is your first-time tour website we encourage you to become a member and share this article with one of your friends who might be interested in finding out more about different ways to medicate.

We are happy to help educate you and don't be afraid to contact us about any thoughts or concerns you have.

Written by Mr. Applewood & The Professor